The Chronicles of Cthulhu

War Buddy 1/2

Wherein the investigators receive a desperate letter from an old friend

Samuel Doherty received a letter from a friend from the war, Jack Meredith. The letter talked about “the answer” and Lance Blake, a fellow soldier had stolen an item and given it to Jack(?).

Sammy contacted Jack’s father and learned that Jack had moved to Chicago where he had died of a heart attack. He was found with a look of terror on his face. Jack had given an item to Father Ronald Henessy to keep it safe. Father Henessy had gone to a cabin in Maine.

Research revealed that in 1919 Lance Blake had formed the Order of the Ancient Stone in New York City. They believed there were 6 stones that when brought together opened the door for “it who waits beyond the wall into this world.”

Sammy enlisted the help of Fitz and Ellie to go to the cabin to retrieve the item from Father Henessy. At the cabin, the party found the Father, and retrieved a stone. However, 4 men also arrived at the cabin and tried to kidnap the Father. After a fight, the party was able to subdue three of the men, and learned that these men were hired to capture the Father and wait for someone to meet them at the cabin at midnight.



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