The Chronicles of Cthulhu

The Haunted House 2/2

Wherein the investigators come face to face with, and defeat, the source of the mystery

Searching the house, the investigators encountered a number of odd occurrences. In one of the bedrooms upstairs, loud, thumping noises were heard; blood emanated from the walls and ceiling, and when the landlord went to close the bedroom window, the bed shot across the room and knocked the landlord out the window.

Each time the investigators returned to the house, electricity to the basement was switched off. This is in spite of the fact that the investigators left the power on.

In the basement, investigators discovered a ritual dagger. Though the investigators took this knife with them when they left the house, each morning the weapon was missing. Upon returning to the house, the dagger was once again located in the basement.

Breaking through a false wall in the basement, the investigators discovered the dried up corpse of Walter Corbitt. The corpse became animate and attacked the group. The party prevailed in its efforts to destroy the creature.

Ellie picked up a gem that Corbitt had been wearing on a chain around his neck. Upon doing so, the gem disolved, seeming to be absorbed into Ellie’s hand.

A set of Walter Corbitt’s journals were found. Ellie, upon studying them over a period of several weeks learned the formula to “Call Forth the Opener of Ways”.



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