The Chronicles of Cthulhu

The Haunted House 1/2

Wherein the investigators come together for the first time

Investigators contacted by the landlord of a house in central Boston. Former inhabitants involved in a tragedy and the landlord wished to understand the mysterious happenings and set matters straight. He hires the investigators to look into the situation and assure him that the house is safe to rent again.

Investigators researched the background of the house, finding the following information:

From the Boston Public Library

  • In 1835, a prosperous merchant builds the house, but immediately falls ill and sells the house to a Mr. Walter Corbitt, esquire.
  • In 1852, Walter Corbitt is sued by neighbors, who petition to force him to leave the area “in consequence of his surious [sic] habits and inauspicious demeanor”.
  • Evidently Corbitt wins the lawsuit. His obituary in 1866 states that he still lived in the same place. It also states that a second lawsuit was being waged to prevent Corbitt from being buried in his basement, as provided by his will.

From the Hall of Records

  • The executor of Corbitt’s will was Reverend Michael Thomas, pastor of the Chapel of Contemplation & Church of Our Lord Granter of Secrets.
  • The Chapel of Contemplation closed in 1912.

From the courthouse (or possibly Central Police Station)

  • Information concerning a secret raid on the Chapel of Contemplation in 1912. Raid happened as a result of affidavits swearing that members of the church were responsible for the disappearances of neighborhood children. During the raid, 3 policemen and 17 church members were killed by gunplay or fire. Autopsy reports are undetailed and uninformative.
  • Though 54 church members of the church were arrested, all but 8 were released. The records hint of illegal intervention in the proceedings by important local officials.
  • Pastor Michael Thomas was arrested and sentenced to 40 years in prison on five counts of second-degree murder. He escaped from prison in 1917 and fled the state.

Upon visiting the neighborhood, investigators met Mr. Dooley, a vendor of cigars and newspapers. Mr. Dooley had lived in the area for many years and was able to point out where the Chapel of Contemplation had been located.



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