The Chronicles of Cthulhu

Bless the Beasts and Children 2/2

Wherein the investigators follow the trail to Falcon Point

Ellie O’Boyle’s supervisor at the library has reversed himself with regard to Ellie’s attendance at work. The library has even hired an assistant, Susanna Cartwright, to be an assistant to Ellie and cover for her when Ellie needs to be away from work.

The investigators travel the short distance to Falcon Point and there meet some of the locals, including Mike and Sarah Kelso. They spend some time talking with the Kelsos and become suspicious that they may somehow be involved.

After their initial meeting, the investigators surveil the Kelso farm. Eventually, they see Mike Kelso drive off with a loaded wagon along a small path leading into the hills north of the farm. The investigators split up, half hoping to break into the farm house to look around, and half follow the wagon at a distance.
Those at the farm house are confronted by an exasperated Sarah wielding a shotgun and demanding that the investigators leave.
Those following the wagon come up a beach house siting atop a 20-30 foot cliff abutting a beach. The investigators observe Mike and another man unloading the wagon. They also see several children, in the company of at least one adult, playing along the beach. All of a sudden, a pair of scaled, humanoid, fish creatures rise up out of the ocean and come ashore. Far from being afraid of the creatures, some of the children seem quite friendly with them. As might be expected, the appearance of the creatures shocks and alarms the investigators.

A gunfight breaks out between the investigators and the people at the house. Samuel Doherty is seriously injured. The investigators, realizing they are outgunned, retreat to gather weapons and reinforcements.

After the better part of a day back in the village, seeking medical care for Sam and deciding what to do next, they return to the beach house to find it deserted. They find a trap door in the house leading down to a cave that opens to the beach. Found in the cave are a half-dozen spiral notebooks filled with Harold Snowden’s records.

The investigators realize that the children have been taken away by boat. There are no more leads.

Charles Anderson, distraught over the loss of his child, leaves Arkham, choosing not to do business there.



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