The Chronicles of Cthulhu

Bless the Beasts and Children 1/2

Wherein the investigators look into the kidnapping of a wealthy industrialist's child

Charles Anerson, a wealthy New York industrialist had come to Arkham to consider locating a planned manufacturing center in town. During his stay, Anderson had been working out of an office provided by Robert Beckworth, located in the Tower Building. Anderson’s wife, June, had been making the rounds of various social gatherings.
One Sunday morning, Carter Anderson, the 14-month-old son of Charles and June, went missing, along with his nanny, Miss Emily Langford.

The investigators become involved by various means.
Ellie O’Boyle’s supervisor reprimands Ellie for being absent from work so much. He warns her that such behavior will not be tolerated.

During the course of the investigation, the investigators become aware of another kidnapping that had taken place 13-14 years earlier. Three years prior to the current case, a young man, aged about 15, was found wandering senselessly through the woods northeast of Arkham. He was identified as Danny Ames, a youngster who had been missing for over ten years.
He was returned to his parents’ home but never recovered his senses. For the most part he was docile but subject to fits of bestial rage. Nothing was ever learned of where he had been those ten years.
When his mother died a year later, the boy was sent to the Massachusetts State Hospital for the Insane near Danvers. Although the official report says the woman died of an accident, it has always been rumored that she was killed by her insane son. The boy’s father subsequently moved out of the area.

The investigators went to visit Danny at the hospital. Upon arriving they were introduced to Dr. Anson Best, Danny’s attending physician. Investigators convinced Dr. Best to allow them to read Danny’s case file.
Investigators were taken to see Danny in his cell. At first, Danny was lucid, talking about the sea, often referring to a cave in which he says he once lived with “them”, and more than once, mentioning “Snowden” and the village of Falcon Point.
At one point during the visit, Danny’s personality took on a distinct change. He flew into a rage and flung himself of the door of the cell, causing the improperly latched door to spring open. Leslie was knocked to the ground by the force of Danny’s attack and suffered a bit to the face.

Checking on the name Snowden, the investigators discover that a Harold Snowden had been the pastor of the Arkham First Baptist Church ten years ago. Snowden had been accused of molesting Danny Ames those many years ago.

The investigators decided to go to Falcon Point to see if any clues were to be found there.



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